GS Trailers

About Us

UAB „DIZVA“ company have started trailer production activity in 2012 with the brand name GS Trailers. The beginning focus was on GS Lusus model. Later we have started to produce other customized trailers and until we have found compact caravan model potential. Gradually and evolutionarily we develop GS Teardrop model since 2014. Lots of surveys and tests were made, lots of specialists, companies, organizations and institutions were involved during all these years and today we are proud to present high quality, comfortable, reliable and sustainable GS Teardrop caravan. At this moment we focus on this model only and have plans to create few other compact caravan models in the near future.

Company values

Leadership. To wake up stronger every day.

Integrity. To cooperate only with the best vendors.

Passion. To offer the most relevant compact caravan solutions.

Exclusiveness. To provide a wide range of customization options.

Quality. To guarantee long-lasting using comfort.

Innovation. To look continuously for new improvement areas.